Blogging Jobs: 7 Websites to Help You Find Highly Paid Freelance Blogging Work


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Are you looking for paid freelance blogging work?

Try using one of the popular online job boards listed here. These job boards may not be the places to find the best work, but they are a good starting point.

You might have to trawl through a lot of adverts to find the perfect job(s) for you. But if you’re persistent and focused, you stand a good chance of finding what you’re looking for.

A word of advice when using these boards – read the advert thoroughly and follow the instructions within. Some advertisers include specific requirements you must follow, such as mentioning a word in your application or using a particular subject line. They do this to stop spammy applicants who apply for every job they see. Failure to follow the instructions could mean your email gets ignored.

Also, always be on the lookout for rip-off merchants and people who offer silly money for quality work. Before you start searching, put on your BS Detector and turn it up to the max.

1 Problogger

Everyone knows this one! It’s been around for years and is the goto board for new and established freelance bloggers. Its popularity is great for advertisers but means tons of competition for freelancers.

Pay rates vary wildly but you can find well-paid jobs here.

Visit Problogger.

2 Blogging Pro

Another popular freelance blogging jobs board where you’ll find plenty of work on offer. This one isn’t as busy as the Problogger jobs board, but it’s one you should check whenever you’re looking for work. Going off the recent listings, Blogging Pro post about three jobs a day.

Visit Blogging Pro.

3 Upwork

Upwork is a huge freelance marketplace with global reach. Because of this reach, you often find more low-paying jobs than high-paying ones. With perseverance, you can find some great blogging jobs.

TIP: When you’re looking for new opportunities on Upwork, use the advanced search filters.

Visit Upwork.

4 Freelance Writing Gigs

The boards at Freelance Writing Gigs contain curated job adverts from various sources such as Indeed, Blogging Pro and Craigslist. They publish a new page each day which lists the newly found writing and blogging opportunities.

Visit Freelance Writing Gigs.

5 Indeed

Indeed is a massive job site for everyone, not just folk working in the digital space. To find blogging work you’ll need to enter a relevant keyword into the search box. ‘Blogger’ is a good start but do expand on that and search for things like ‘writer’, ‘content’ and ‘copywriter’ too. Leave the ‘where’ field blank to return more results.

Visit Indeed.

6 Media Bistro

Media Bistro has a huge list of jobs in the digital and creative sectors. You’ll need to filter the results to dive into the ‘Writing & Editing’ section or use the search function to quickly find relevant results. Huge companies like Bloomberg and Verizon advertise here.

Visit Media Bistro.

7 Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing runs a curated jobs board featuring ads from many of the sites listed above. It also runs a section of exclusive ads, which you can easily find by using the search filter.

Visit Freelance Writing.