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What’s the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

If you want to use WordPress to build a self-hosted website or start a blog, you have a choice of two flavors: WordPress.org and WordPress.com. What are the differences between the two? WordPress.org provides you with the software you need to start a WordPress-powered website or build an app. You’ll need to download the software and either build your site…


Things to Try When You Accidentally Break Your WordPress Website

If you’re running a website on the self-hosted version of WordPress, you probably know how easy it is to break it. You might install a plugin that conflicts with another. You might add or remove code that stops your site functioning properly. You might disable a feature you like simply by switching themes. All of these things and more happen…

How to Change the Default Language on Your WordPress Website

The default language on a self-hosted WordPress website (or blog) is United States English. If you’re from the UK, for example, and prefer using words like “bin” instead of “trash” or “hi” instead of “howdy”, or you’re in another part of the world where the predominant language isn’t English, you might like to change the default language to something more appealing to…

Food Blogger Pro – Online Training Course for Food Bloggers

Food Blogger Pro is an online training course, membership site, blog and podcast created by Lindsay and Bjork Ostram, the two people behind popular food blog Pinch of Yum, to help aspiring food bloggers make money from their blog. Have you ever thought about setting up a food blog? It’s one of the most competitive and attractive blogging niches around….