6 Awesome Websites to Learn Photography

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Photography is an amazingly rewarding hobby that’s very easy to get into. We all have smartphones these days, and they’re usually packaged with a decent camera capable of taking high-quality photos. They’re a good start for the complete newbie.

If you’re serious about photography, you should consider investing in a digital SLR. The advantage of a digital SLR is the advanced features they offer. You can really get into creating the images that appeal to you.

Once you’re packing a good camera, it’s time to learn the skills. Of course, you should get out there and practice but it’s also worth spending time reading online tutorials, watching videos and asking for constructive reviews of your work. With that in mind, we set out to find some of the best photography websites around.

Here’s the list.

1. Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School is quite possibly the best photography blog to read for budding and experienced photographers who want to improve their skills. It’s run by Darren Rowse and publishes fresh content every day. It also has an extensive archive of tutorials and equipment reviews.

On top of this, there’s a forum and bookstore, which currently offers 22 ebooks on specialist subjects such as landscape and portrait photography.

Once you land on this site, you will immerse yourself in it for hours. It’s rammed with stunning photographs and immensely useful tips for all types of photographer.

Main sections and features:

  • Tips and tutorials
  • Cameras and equipment
  • Post production
  • Books
  • Presets
  • Courses
  • Forums

2. Expert Photography

Expert Photography is an easy to use site with clear navigation and fast loading pages. Inside, you’ll find tons of tutorials on a range of important topics including composition, post processing, lighting and gear.

There’s also a members area and a few online courses on offer.

The site’s author, professional photographer Joshua Dunlop from Brighton, England, puts in a lot of work to make the site a powerful and useful resource for anyone interested in improving their photography skills. There’s a private Facebook group with 5,000+ members too.

Main sections and features:

  • Tutorials and guides
  • Online courses
  • Ebooks
  • Members area

3. Outdoor Photographer

If outdoor photography is your thing, be sure to check-out the online version of the print magazine, Outdoor Photographer. There’s a massive amount of photography articles on here, from a multitude of experts and dating back years.

As with a lot of photography websites, there’s an active community and the opportunity to upload and share your images.

Outdoor Photographer will keep you indoors for hours! There’s so much to read and look at. Totally amazing site. Love it.

Main sections and features:

  • How-to tutorials
  • Gear guides
  • Location guides
  • Reader submissions
  • Pro gallery

4. Photography Talk

Photography Talk will blow your socks off. It looks amazing and takes full advantage of modern web design techniques. It’s impressively designed and includes amazing pictures from very talented people.

There are plenty of tutorials in the Articles section. There’s also a ton of equipment reviews, which include everything from expensive DSLRs  and lenses, to budget point and shoot cameras.

A large and active community is a big plus for this site.

Main sections and features:

  • Articles and tutorials
  • Galleries
  • Reward points for active members of the community
  • Forum

5. Improve Photography

Another site making the most of modern web design to deliver a tremendous user experience. It looks amazing on a large monitor with the whole site stretching to fit on screen.

Once inside, you can absorb yourself in detailed tutorials, gear reviews or listen to one of the many podcasts.

If you’re just getting started, check out the Improve Photography beginner’s tutorial, which touches on all the subjects you need to know about to create great images: exposure, aperture, shutter speed, composition.

Main sections and features:

  • Tutorials
  • Q&A
  • Recommended gear
  • Podcasts
  • Photography genres

6. DIY Photography

DIY Photography is somewhat different to the sites mentioned so far. This one publishes tutorials, but it mainly focuses on how to build gear to improve your photography – think studio lights, reflectors and a DIY photobooth, to name just a few – without spending a small fortune on the gear you see in the shops.

Yes, the stuff you build will do the same job, but it probably won’t be as aesthetically pleasing as the mass produced equivalent.

Main sections and features:

  • DIY gear
  • Tutorials and articles
  • Gear reviews